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The Way Things Used to Be

The Way Things Used to Be

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Todays crop of edgy singer/songwriters has much to learn from guys like Steve Warner...much to learn about writing from the heart, appealing to simple human emotion and touching the universals that are ever more meaningful as life in the 21st century unfolds. Steves new CD, The Way Things Used to Be" is a friendly, warm journey through territory that is familiar to middle-agers everywhere. Its country and folk influences meld together in a way that is unpretentious, tapping into our collective memories of summer breezes on the front porch, the laughter of kids at the swimming hole, and the pain of love lost and recollected.
In a voice reminiscent of John Prine and Greg Brown, Steve Warner will take you back home and let you touch once more the way things used to be. Hes the real thing."

-Eric Garrison, Songwriter, Artist, Venue Host