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New Year

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Taking songs that have been road-tested over the past few years, Burge augments his acoustic guitar, harmonica and trademark voice with overdubbed electric guitar, bass, drums and back-up vocals. Burges WV roots run deep and there are plenty of references to both family and home. Hes picked up the tempo of Wood County Man," a story song about his grandfather, and given it a catchy, Tennessee Three treatment.
Burges knack for turning a timely phrase is evident: "When I was young and still in school, my hometown was all but cool. It took a lot of trouble in a faraway land to make me want to be a Wood County Man." As on other cuts, Burges quirky drumming and back-up vocals gives the tune even more personality and make it one of the discs best.
Other interesting tracks are "Big Fat City," a moody track with Burge dropping his trademark vocal warble and "Long Live Bobby Lane," which offers a tribute to the Morgantown wildman and the talking blues "Jesus Night Light".

While you might nitpick about the recording (the drum sounds, etc.), Burge has managed to a flesh out his tunes and provide accompaniment that complements but never gets in the way - and thats no small feat." Alpo, from Graffiti Magazine