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Gentle Graces

Gentle Graces

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Connies second album represents a significant step in developing her own style and substance as a performer. Ten of the fourteen cuts are original songs by Townsend and her partner Dave Parker. There is some world-class fiddling, funky resonator guitar, sweet, sweet harmonica, and concertina accompaniment on the disc. "...one of West Virginias finest singer-songwriters...the songs on Gentle Graces are obviously the work of a seasoned artist...The influences of [Emmylou]Harris and [John]Hartford are put to particularly good use on Townsends recording, Gentle Graces. Throughout the record, her voice moves easily and forcefully between angelic, gospel-tinged high notes and twangy country inflections. Like many Hartford recordings, Gentle Graces has a rustic, at times even old-time vibe." (Charleston Gazette) If you like pop, blues, country or folk, this album is for you. It crosses all the fences, just like an old tomcat on a full-moon night.