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Egyptian Vase DV0553 | Ron Hinkle

Egyptian Vase DV0553 | Ron Hinkle

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Devils Fire, also known as foxfire or ignus fatius is a naturally occurring phenomenon often seen in the swamps and forests of southern New Jersey. It is an eerie phosphorescent illuminate fungus that causes decaying wood and mushrooms to glow. The color is typically a light bluish, greenish glow similar to the methane gas flames seen over the swamps and marshes. Both these phenomena's only occur during the darkest summer nights. Some say the Jersey Devil would rise through these cold flames and torment villagers. Fable or no, this is beautiful craftsmanship at it finest!

Beautiful handblown vase signed and dated by Ron Hinkle/Hinkle Glass (comes with Certificate of Authenticity).

9 3/4" tall x 5" diameter (opening is 2 1/2" diameter).