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Dulcimer- Ambrosia Maple/Walnut

Dulcimer- Ambrosia Maple/Walnut

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Thought to have evolved from a similar zither-like European instrument in the late 1800s, it was altered to suit the needs of the local players and craftsman. Brenda Goods Mastertone Dulcimers are made of high-quality, seasoned hardwoods, most from West Virginia, with inset sound holes made from the center cuts of walnuts. Each finely sanded instrument has been finished with a clear lacquer, and comes with Grover tuning pegs. A chipboard case, rosewood noter, pick, and beginners book are included with your dulcimer.

As an instrument upon which one can achieve favorable results quickly, this beautifully handcrafted mountain dulcimer is an excellent choice for novice musicians, as well as traditional music enthusiasts.

8" Wide, 35" Long, 3" High.