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Butterflies of West Virginia

Butterflies of West Virginia

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The Butterflies of West Virginia and their Caterpillars describes 128 species of butterflies found in the state, along with their caterpillars and pupae. Each species account provides a description and information on distribution, habitat, life history, nectar sources, and larval host plants, Butterflies, their caterpillars and pupae are featured in hundreds of color illustrations, as well as detailed drawings and maps.

Written for the scientists and general enthusiasts alike, the book also includes chapters on studying butterflies and butterfly gardening.

"If you live in West Virginia, you will want to have this book to learn about and find the butterflies of your state. If you live elsewhere, the photographs of caterpillars alone are reason enough to own this book." -Jeffrey Glassberg president, North American Butterfly Association

388 pages, 49 color plates, paperback.

6" Wide, 9" Long, 1" High.
Butterflies of West Virginia
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West Virginia
Butterfly Guide
Thomas Allen
Thomas J. Allen