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Lights, Camera, Action At MountainMade

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On Camera At MountainMade

Working at MountainMade provides a constant source of challenges. On any given day, there are new details in running a retail business.

This winter presented additional problems brought by the record snowfall in Tucker County. However, taping the video pieces was a completely different challenge for one who prefers to take care of business without much attention.

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Hillbilly Gypsies At The Purple Fiddle

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Hillbilly Gypsies At MountainMade on July 16

If you’re in the area Friday, July 16, come by the Purple Fiddle in Thomas to hear some great old-time singing and playing by the Hillbilly Gypsies.

The “Gypsies” are one of our juried MountainMade artists and we carry both of their rousing CD’s, “Come On In” and “One Foot in the Gravy.” Show starts at 8:30 p.m. – a good time is guaranteed!

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Last Chance To See Annie Simcoe Products At MountainMade

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Annie Simcoe Collage

By mission MountainMade exists as a lighthouse to West Virginia artists and craftspeople. We value our relationships with these individuals and enjoy the privilege to be part of their success and development. We are saddened, but excited to learn that mixed media artist Annie Simcoe will soon be leaving the Mountain State.

Annie makes her own paper using natural fibers and with the use of thread connects a lasting impression. Many of you have seen her framed pieces, molded vessels and lamps here in the Gallery or on the MountainMade website.

Annie is embarking on a new adventure and we wish her every success and happiness. Unfortunately this means that we can no longer represent her work in the Gallery or on Annie will be coming to the MountainMade Gallery in Thomas next week to pick up her work. We encourage those of you who have enjoyed and collected her work to visit us one more time to enjoy her workmanship.

We would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You and Good Luck! And may life ever bring you back to West Virginia, Annie.

It’s Time For Some Barbecue!

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It’s been a long winter, but the birds are singing, flowers are blooming and it is time to get that grill out and have some barbecues. The MountainMade Country Store and website have some delicious rubs and barbecue sauces for any taste buds. Impress your guests with our top five rubs and top five barbecue sauces.

Let’s start with our yummy rubs. Our first rub is Copper Creek Classic Wet Rub. Copper Creek rubs are a combination of the finest herbs and spices from around the world. Your limit is your imagination. With this wet rub you mix the rub with Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce to create a mouth-watering paste to put on your meat of choice.

MountainMade Rubs from Copper Creek

Our second and third spots also go to Copper Creek Specialty Food LCC.

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The History and Secrets about MountainMade’s Buxton & Landstreet Gallery

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The Historic Buxton and Landstreet Building house MountainMades Fine Art Gallery and Studio Art Classes

The Historic Buxton and Landstreet Building house MountainMade's Fine Art Gallery and Studio Art Classes

The MountainMade Fine Art Gallery and Studio Art Classes are housed by the historic Buxton and Landstreet Building of Thomas, WV. Placing our MountainMade’s Artisan Gallery in this building brings the Buxton & Landstreet Building back to its mercantile roots and provides an ideal display setting for fine art.

Constructed in 1901, Buxton & Landstreet Building served as company store for the Davis Coal and Coke Company. Company employees were paid in script, which they spent in the company store.* Today, the MountainMade Gallery prefers you pay for fine art in legitimate US currency, but we may be willing to bargain. Read All