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September’s Featured Artist, Joe Henry

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Joseph Henry specializes in depicting northern landscapes that include sub-arctic tundra areas in the Canaan Valley region, Canada and Alaska. Forty of his Dolly Sods images were displayed in a 5-month one-man show at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in 2007. He has been closely observing Dolly Sods for 30 years.

Joe focuses on creating images that convey the essence and mood of a landscape. He especially focuses on northern landscapes and plant ecosystems. Dolly Sods is a prime example. The central goals of his work are to evoke emotion in the viewer and inform regarding the unique character of a place. He accomplishes this by: developing selective compositions, pursuit of quality light and revisiting particular landscapes often.

His compositions result from applying the principles of visual design. He strives to balance graphic elements in the scene. Joe tends to focus on the exquisite beauty of the flora to the exclusion highly panoramic landscapes. He finds that he spends hours working a subject to understand the view that best conveys my response. Many of the photos here resulted from revisiting the same scene many times over a period of years.

The pursuit of good light is central to the efforts of all nature photographers. Claude Monet devoted much of the latter part of his career to the expressing the “envelope.” By that he meant the interaction of light and atmospheric conditions with his subject. For Joe this means experiencing landscapes under diverse weather conditions as well as different light angles. Drama in photographs is as much about the light and weather as the composition.

Dr. Henry was formerly professor and chairperson of chemical engineering at both WVU and ASU. He lives in Canaan Valley.

Joe will present a gallery talk at the Thomas Education Center in the near future. Check MountainMade’s Facebook page for more details.
Joe Henry

Labor Day Weekend

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Some folks think of Labor Day as the end of summer. Some of us prefer to think of it as the beginning of football season and tailgating or autumn drives and picnics.

Either route you take this fall, MountainMade has restocked its shelves with product from Gourmet Central to spice up your autumn meals. If wings are your fancy, try either the Garlic Wing Sauce or the Ramp Hot Sauce. Both products have other suggested uses such as meatballs, hot dogs, burgers or beans. Should you crave a steak, try the Cracked Black Pepper Sauce.

The MountainMade Gallery and website have other delicious Gourmet Central products to complement your autumn activities. If you have other uses you would like to share, go to the MountainMade Facebook page and share with our other customers.
labor day 2011

Beth Crowder’s at MountainMade

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It’s August and you know what that means… Beth Crowder is exhibiting in the MountainMade Gallery in Thomas. Known and recognized for the rich colors and textures of her landscapes as well as the expressive detail of her sheep, calves and other critters, Beth’s work is beloved by many. She begins each piece with what she describes as ‘garish colors’ of acrylic and then she sets to the fine detail using pastels. The depth of the skyline, the bend in the road and the tree blowing near-by… you feel as if you are on a delightful journey. Her use of color speaks well to her personality: a bright and sometimes bawdy ray of light. She travels much of the country doing shows. We have customers, who moved to Missouri, who stop in when visiting family who met her at a fair in St. Louis!

Aware of her appeal and mindful of the investment she is offering something new: matted prints (for just $35) in addition to her framed originals. There is no better reason, aside from cooler weather to come to Thomas in August. And come September, well the exhibit changes, but not to worry. Beth usually allows us a few pieces to tide us over, til next year.


Late Summer Weddings

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This week, MountainMade celebrated the upcoming, weekend wedding of one of its employees. As we considered the appropriate staff gift to purchase, we realized that there are still several opportunities for summer weddings before the leaves begin to turn. For these occasions, we’ve selected a few gifts you might want to consider.

Ron Hinkle’s hand-blown glassware is a favorite of wedding couples. These ice screamers, which come in a variety of colors, will serve many sweet treats.

The bride and groom might enjoy Jeff Fetty’s calla lily candlesticks. These candlesticks are his original design and are made from iron, finished in natural black and range in height from 18 to 20 inches. Sold in sets of three, these candlesticks make an elegant display for the couple’s mantle or table. Add a MountainMade taper candle.

MountainMade recently received an order from our potter, Lambros. He creates functional pottery pieces in a variety of popular colors. His coffee mugs, soup cups, casseroles, bowls, etc., are certain to be enjoyed for years to come.

But if it’s Blenko you want to give, MountainMade will have a new selection by Friday. Check the website or give us a call.
Late Summer Weddings

Patrick Fetty’s Whimsical Metal Sculptures

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While working in metal and wood comes may come naturally to Patrick Fetty, he learned the skills from his great-grand father and grandfather. These skills, handed down from generation to generation, take on a new look with Patrick’s creativity. Walk through the MountainMade Gallery and you’ll see the natural wood flowers with metal stems and the painted metal tulips in red, yellow, purple and white.

His most recent deliveries to the Gallery include these whimsical metal sculptures and welcoming nature sculptures. The whimsical sculptures began as a drawing for his wife’s birthday card. (Happy Birthday Mrs. Fetty.) The golfer, tennis player or other fun loving people are sure to enjoy these creations.

Metal sculptures from Patrick Fetty

Metal sculptures from Patrick Fetty