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New from WVU Ceramics Studio

posted: 36 month ago by Becky Henderson  |  1 Comment ;

Before West Virginia University broke for Spring Break, MountainMade stopped in at the Ceramics Studio and discovered a treasure trove of affordable, functional pieces for you. The WVU Ceramics program is a 3-year intensive program dedicated to teaching traditional pottery making and providing their students with the techniques and skills needed to work as potters.

We selected a few place settings offering dinner and luncheon plates as well as a selection of bowls, cups, mugs, ramekins, mugs and bake ware. These student made pieces are functional, beautiful and just feel good in your hands. Complimentary glazes allow for a few select “sets’, but eclectic collections that you will enjoy using as much as we do. All pieces are sturdy, stoneware pieces that are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.

This IS the next generation of potters. Built with the integrity and character that can only be found in West Virginia. Enjoy and use well!

New pottery from WVU Ceramics Studio.

New pottery from WVU Ceramics Studio.

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  1. Becky Henderson wrote:

    Thank you for your inquiry. MM still carries WVU pottery but we do not have any covered croks at this time. We will get an order this fall and will send you an update at that time. We will try to get another covered crok.

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