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Natural Beeswax Candles From MountainMade

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MountainMade offers a variety of natural, handmade candles.

MountainMade offers a variety of natural, handmade candles.

MountainMade began making beeswax candles in 2005. We had a full-time candle-maker who perfected the craft. She created an amazing stock of inventory. Traditional tapers, votives, pillars and jar candles are available as well as signature candles like our River Rocks and Candle “Sticks” and Log Pillars.

Beeswax burns cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin candles. It will burn in a pool and drip less, a great plus for any candle lover. Better yet, no overwhelming fragrance. Beeswax emits a natural honeycomb fragrance all its own. We also add balsam fir and cranberry scents to some of the candles we create.

We now make candles as needed. I have been the MountainMade candlemaker for 3 years. I have made thousands of River Rock and Stick candles, by pouring (and back filling) beeswax into the silicone molds. It’s a lot of fun and I can make dozens within an 8-hour day.

I have recently gotten back to dipping tapers. This is challenging because Natalie, the original candle-maker, perfected her craft by making them every day. She set a standard that demands that our tapers be long and smooth (no bumps or lumps). This sounds simple, but can be harder than you think. And that distinguishes our tapers from other hand-dipped tapers. Most have imperfections that you can see and feel.

The dry rack we use will hold 56 pairs of tapers. Eight racks are strung with a cotton wick before marking (each taper is almost 10 inches long) and dipping into the “hot box.” The smooth texture is created by dipping several times according to the temperature of the waxed surface. This takes a while and then the candles have to dry or cure before each pair can be cut from the rack, cleaned and packaged. Then you clean, rewick the racks and do it again.

Patience is key to making a beautiful candle. Jar candles can be a challenge, too. Like the River Rocks the wax is poured and I back-fill several times. The glass changes the chemistry of the wax and achieving a smooth top that doesn’t sink can be hard. Patience and practice. I’m gearing up now for winter and the much loved Tree Tumblers and Tree Jar candles.

Making candles is a little messy, but it’s lots of fun and achieving mastery is a great kick.

MountainMade also sells candles made from Soy (The Soy Shoppe) and Hemp Oil (Home Towne Candles). Like beeswax, they burn cleaner and longer than paraffin candles.

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