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National Quilt Day falls on St. Patrick’s Day

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March brings with it the dawn of spring. It also commemorates a time-honored master craft: QUILTING. National Quilt Day is celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of March. The National Quilting Association encourages quilters and patrons towards education, creativity and heritage. It also encourages quilters to remember the tradition of using what we have and making use of fabric scraps to share a story.

Traditionally, a story may have been told through a log cabin or patchwork quilt, but quilters (individuals and guilds) share this utilitarian art form in many different ways. Traditional patterns now share the stage with contemporary patterns and fabrics such as the use of batiks. Batik is a method of dying fabric using a wax-resist dying technique, that may provide a more contemporary and colorful/eclectic design. It should be noted that many of our quilters/fiber artists use a variety of quality fabrics: fine cotton, damask, etc., creating quilts, pillows, purses, table runners, jackets, etc. Quilting and quilts are as personal for the quilter as they are the consumer. We are all drawn to different colors, themes and ultimately design.

MountainMade is proud to feature the work of a number of master quilters from the Mountain State and enjoy the depth of their workmanship.
• Margaret Babb (Quilts from the Woods)
• Clara Richmond
• Mondel Edwards
• Jane Corathers
• Joan Clark
• Cabin Creek Quilt Cooperative.

The rich tradition of quilting lives on!

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