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National Quilt Day: 2011

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Mark your calendar: March 19, 2011. National Quilt Day is a celebrated event on the 3rd Saturday of March. It honors the time-honored, utilitarian craft of quilting. The National Quilting Association encourages quilters and patrons towards education, creativity and heritage. Many quilt guilds use the day as an opportunity to do service in their communities. The NQA encourages quilters to remember the tradition of using what we have, and using scraps to share a story by building Log Cabin quilt(s).

MountainMade Quilters:
Margaret Babb/Quilts from the Woods
Clara Richmond
Mondell Edwards
Vivian Wakefield
Jane Corathers
Joan Clark
Cabin Creek Quilt Cooperative

Other MM Quilters:
Laurie Gundersen/Appalachian Pieceworks
Barbara Branch
Charlotte Travis

Quilts by MountainMade artisans.

Quilts by MountainMade artisans.

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