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Moving Day Means Print Artists Have New Space

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We’ve had an exciting time preparing to move the etching/print press to the Studio Gallery from its former home above the Country Store. For three years the studios were located there, but just about a year ago the decision was made to ”bring the Studios home to the Gallery.”

If you’ve visited us in Thomas, you will agree that it is a beautiful building with an amazing history. (Built in 1900, it served as the company store for the Davis Coke & Coal Company for more than 50 years. It’s had a few other lives as well and we are honored to have been at home here for 10 years).

From the glass brick, tin ceilings and hard wood floors the Gallery building offers better light and access (all street-level, no more traversing up snowy stairs to get to/from a class).

And the press (Takach Floor Model Etching Press: 39 ½” x 72” bed) has been the last piece. It is an impressive tool and we are eager to have the paper and print studio all together in one location so artists can put it to good use. It is a wonderful tool that allows print artists to produce etched monoprints and lithographs.

Mixed media artist Robin McClintock and her husband Michael have been instrumental in the logistics. Rich, Mike and a few friends from Thomas/Davis (Al, Corey and Athey) are going to offer much of the “muscle” behind this endeavor. Unfortunately, “ Old Man Winter” is a distractible soul. To date we’ve rescheduled twice and keep waiting for the window to get it moved.

But, we shall persist!

March 19, 2010: Moving Day!

It was expected to be a 30 minute move. A lot of heavy lifting, but no big deal. Well, plan for an hour to be safe. Our team (Michael, Rich, Mike, Al and I. Al and Athey joined us for the final stretch, a.k.a. “the heavy lifting.”) began at 9 a.m. – 30 minutes quickly comes and goes, and was used removing the top reduction roller, the first 300 pounds.

The guys tried finagling the press frame, including the 300 pound bottom reduction roller (the top 300 pounds had already been crated and moved to the Gallery Studio) around the doorway into the hallway – no good. It’s gotta come apart. Yikes! This was where time got away from us and Carrie’s husband Cade came to our rescue.

He made a few calls and graciously convinced Corey and Athey to help with the final move and boy were we glad to have them. By the way, we finished moving the press and basic assembly at 1 p.m., almost four hours after our start time.

I have to confess, I had come ready to work hard Friday morning. Fortunately for me, chivalry lives. I was instead the gopher, dollie mover and documenter/photographer. And my back and my knees feel great! Thank you gentlemen!

And on Monday, Michael came back to do final assembly and calibrated this wonderful tool. And now, print artists can come rent/work in the Studio. Yeah!

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