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MountainMade Reuses, Recycles and Remembers the Earth

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Dolly Sods

MountainMade promotes West Virginia arts and crafts from its location in the rich, natural beauty of the West Virginia Potomac Highlands. Visitors travel to our region to experience the year-round outdoor recreation surrounded by the Monongahela National Forest and near Dolly Sods and Canaan Valley.

We appreciate and work to protect our environment. Our Thomas locations are in two historical structures that have been restored and/or renovated. Adaptive reuse of buildings saves the environmental costs of tearing old buildings down and disposing of the waste in a landfill. It also saves on the environmental costs of creating products for construction.

Many of MountainMade’s artisans work in media that are environmentally friendly. For example, they create their art from natural fibers and foliage. Some artisans work in recycled products or items they collect from what others consider trash.

Our business operations are becoming more paper free every year. Through the use of technology, we can carry out more and more business without ever printing a piece of paper. Of course, MountainMade recycles and uses recycled products.

But most important of all, our employees and artisans are dedicated to protecting the environment by the manner in which they live every day.

MountainMade works to preserve our Appalachian arts and crafts skills for future generations. We strive to live in a manner that protects the environment so future generations can appreciate the crafts of their heritage.

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