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May Exhibit: Mary Hurst (Fine Art/Oil)

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Mary Hurst (new juried artist)

We first met Mary in a MountainMade Studio class (Encaustic Painting with Michael Doig). It was no surprise in November 2009 when Mary’s work was juried in. She thinks “BIG.” Mary’s chosen medium is oil paints, abstracting from the plant life in her native Appalachian Mountains.

She tries to convey the sense of spirituality that can be felt while visiting a forest. She isolates and combines moments of particular appeal. Mary intuitively reacts to the colors and design elements within the forest floor, allowing them to evolve naturally.

Mary lives and works in her hometown of Fayetteville, W.Va., near the famed New River Gorge. Her oil paintings explore the wonder and spirit that she says are present in the world, especially the natural world.

She uses recognizable imagery, but distorts and combines it to create abstract compositions. Mary is currently developing her body of work related to the forests of the New River Gorge. This is her first Gallery exhibit with MountainMade.

She has also shown her work at Black Bear Burritos and the Paul Mesaros Gallery in Morgantown. We can’t wait to see what Mary Hurst can do!

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