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Mary Ann Honcharik, May Featured Artist

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Mary Ann Honcharik has had diverse interests from childhood, combining the physical and biologic sciences, various art forms and the outdoors. In college, the science predominated, resulting in a BS in Biology and a career in Medical Technology. After retirement, the pendulum has swung back toward the arts with the concentration on nature photography.

With GPS, camera and tripod, Mary Ann has been exploring and documenting the wonders of the West Virginia Highlands, especially Dolly Sods. Her goal is to capture and convey the uniqueness and beauty of this region in all its seasons and moods. She especially likes the interplay of fog and light, being challenge to capture those unique moments which come fleeting and unannounced.

Mary Ann processes her own photographs from camera to prints using acid free materials and pigment ink.

Lady Slippers, Azaleas on Dolly Sods and Pitcher Plants

Lady Slippers, Azaleas on Dolly Sods and Pitcher Plants

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