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Ken McCoy, a new MountainMade Photographer

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MountainMade is honored to feature the photography of Ken McCoy! His exhibit includes a richly elegant and eclectic collection of framed and matted works as well as frameable cards.

Ken’s prints do speak for themselves and represent a range of interests that capture his eye, including but not exclusive to: landscape, political architecture, wild life, water fowl and “antiqued” trucks and cars. A long-standing photographer who’s been pursuing his passion for more than 50 years, Ken transitioned to digital equipment. He does not however alter his images, which he believes is a testament to his goal of “doing what I can to “get it right” in the camera before going to the printer.”

McCoy shoots with a Canon 7D (with a Canon Rebel XSI as back-up) and 3 zoom lenses with a range from 17-400mm. He resides in Parsons, West Virginia with his wife, Donell McCoy, an award-winning watercolorist in her own right and February’s Featured Artist!!

Ken’s work will be featured in the Thomas Gallery for the month of March.

MM is experiencing difficulty uploading Ken’s beautiful photos to the Blog program. As soon as we can remedy the situation, we will have a series for you to view. Thank you for your patience.

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