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June Exhibit: Gerri Wilson Photography

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Gerri Wilson photography exhibit in June at MountainMade.

It was no surprise that photographer Gerri Wilson became a juried artist. She and her husband Bruce pursue their shared and joint passion in their Deer Run Studio in Canaan Valley, W.Va.

A fine art nature photographer working from her home and studio in the Canaan Valley of West Virginia, she specializes in vignettes, close-ups and landscapes of native flora in the Allegheny Highlands.

Gerri has spent much of the last year documenting the flora of the Beall Farm Tract I in the Canaan Valley for the National Wildlife Refuge. She currently captures images on a Canon 30D digital camera, most often from a tripod, and processes images using an iMac using Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2 and prints from an Epson R1900 printer.

Gerri pursued photography after a long career in music education. Accustomed to “stirring the pot” of the creative process with her students, she brings the same expectation of possibilities to nature photography.

Gerri is attracted to wilderness, hence her interest in native species and visible signs of natural progression in time and topography. She has studied technique and composition from Kent Mason and Ed Heaton and pursues her course of self-education in all parts of the process.

Gerri has won numerous awards in competition at the Canaan Valley Refuge, including taking first, second and third place for Refuge Scenery.

She is one of the winners of the 500th Wildlife Photography Contest at Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge honored in the June West Virginia Magazine. Be sure to check out Gerri’s full-page spread.

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There are 4 comments (+ Add yours)

  1. Larry Hill wrote:

    My! My! This is just beautiful photography. The choice of subjects; the compositions; the dynamics of your ’splash & capture’ are wonderful. Gerry your work achieves very high standards.
    Thank you for a fresh and emotional view of our world.
    Larry H.
    Frederick, MD

  2. stephen wrote:

    There pictures are powerful. They capture the wild beauty of Canaan Valley. I particularly love “Before Dawn.” This picture is otherworldly and transports me to WV every time I see it. Blue Moon could be a view from Deer Run on our late night dog walks. Thank you for these great works and awesome memories.

  3. Mariah Hibarger wrote:

    This is a great blog post. Thanks so much for sharing.


  4. Teresa Mason wrote:

    I purchased the 2012 National Wildlife Refuge calendar and fell in love with your photograph featured in the month of October.
    Do you have work for sale?
    Please let me know if it is possible to purchase your work and the best way to do that.
    My email is tmason711@gmail.com
    Thank you for sharing !
    Teresa Mason

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