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July’s Featured Artist–Holly Hinkle and Kent Mason

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July’s Featured Artists are both committed to protecting the environment. However, their artistic talents come in very different forms.

Holly Hinkle, who creates repurposed wood sculptures, is soon to embark on becoming a totally green artist. She has been studying old techniques of mixing paint and thinking up some of her own. Holly settled in West Virginia after exploring the United States from her birth place in Michigan to California and to Florida. She is “unschooled” in the arts which allows her to freely soar in her creativity without feeling it can’t be done. Her wooden sculptures are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Kent Mason is a landscape and nature photographer and conservationist who is currently creating a photographic environmental study of extraordinary wild places in the highlands of West Virginia. This is a collaborative effort with The Nature Conservancy which will result in a book entitled, “The West Virginia Wilderness: A Photographic Study and Conservation View”. For Kent, exploring and photographing our natural world is an inspirational journey of renewal he creates compelling images from the heart that can connect with the emotions of others and hopefully engage them in the preservation/conservation movement. MountainMade looks forward to the arrival of Kent’s book in the Gallery. Unfortunately, we don’t have his photos in a form that we can upload in a quality manner. Stop in and see for yourself.

Holly Hinkle's repurposed wood sculptures

Holly Hinkle's repurposed wood sculptures

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