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It’s Time For Some Barbecue!

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It’s been a long winter, but the birds are singing, flowers are blooming and it is time to get that grill out and have some barbecues. The MountainMade Country Store and website have some delicious rubs and barbecue sauces for any taste buds. Impress your guests with our top five rubs and top five barbecue sauces.

Let’s start with our yummy rubs. Our first rub is Copper Creek Classic Wet Rub. Copper Creek rubs are a combination of the finest herbs and spices from around the world. Your limit is your imagination. With this wet rub you mix the rub with Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce to create a mouth-watering paste to put on your meat of choice.

MountainMade Rubs from Copper Creek

Our second and third spots also go to Copper Creek Specialty Food LCC.

The Copper Creek Ginger Rub is made with a combination of fine herbs, spices and a hint of brown sugar. This rub is great on chicken but can be used for pork, beef and venison too.

The Copper Creek Tuscan Rub is also made of fine herbs and spices with the wonderful taste of rosemary. This rub is wonderful on any meat but it also gives roasted red potatoes a great flavor.

Our fourth and fifth top selling rubs are made by Uncle Bunks, a family-owned company providing family recipes perfected over many generations. They use the highest quality fresh ingredients in there products. Their Janese’s Steak Rub was formulated from a 50-plus year old family recipe. Delicious on steaks, beef or pork roasts, or chicken, the rub also makes wonderful beef stew or stroganoff.

MountainMade Rubs

Their Janese’s Southwestern sizzle adds an exciting spark of southwestern flavor to dips, soups and meat dishes. Makes great fajitas and western omelettes too. Yummy!!!

Now it’s time for our top five barbecue sauces. Our first and second barbecue sauces are by Gourmet Central, in Romney, W.Va., home to many specialty foods. All products are open-kettle cooked in small batches to provide you with “just like Grandma made” taste. Their sweet and sassy barbecue sauce (available in the MountainMade Country Store) gets our Top Spot. This barbecue sauce is a treat on chicken, pork or any beef you like. My kids like to dip their homemade chicken nuggets in this sweet-with-just-a-kick sauce.

MountainMade barbecue sauces

Our number two spot goes to Gourmet Central’s Garlic Wing Sauce. If you like garlic and hot wings this sauce is a dream come true to your taste buds.

Our number three spot goes to Uncle Bunk’s Rustic Pepper Sauce. Their Award-winning sauce can be used as a dip for chips, crackers and cheese; a marinade for any meat; a spread on sandwiches — on anything where you want more kick than ketchup can deliver.

Our fourth and fifth spots go to two sauces from ThistleDew Farm Inc., located in Proctor, W.Va. In 1974, Ellie and Steve Conlon left suburban Philadelphia with one son, two dogs, a cat and two beehives, ready to begin a new life in West Virginia. Guided by their deep-rooted faith, the Conlons launched several agricultural enterprises and served as foster parents. The Quaker principle “… that of God in everyone and everything …,” has guided them in their lives and their business.

MountainMade barbecue sauces

From this beginning, the Conlon Family and ThistleDew Farm have grown to include four sons, three dogs, four cats, 700 beehives, beeswax candles, beeswax skin and lip cream, honey mustard, bee beards, pollination and a honey of a gift shop!

The number four spot goes to Secret Sauce. Secret Sauce makes a terrific steak sauce and is a great complement to beef, and for basting burgers, simmering with shredded beef, or bake chicken in it or just try it in one of your owe recipes.

Our number five spot goes to West Best Wild’n Wonderful Wings and Rib Sauce. This sauce is great for dipping, basting and baking. Make your wings and ribs something the whole neighborhood will envy.

Now that your mouth is watering and you can taste the barbecue, remember MountainMade has the best rubs and barbecues in West Virginia, so start grilling!

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