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Handmade craft projects keep children busy

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Are your children finding it difficult to find things to do this winter season? With all the snow and lots of snow days it can be a challenge keeping them occupied. Try one of our fun-filled craft projects here at MountainMade Country Store. We have a great selection of old-time handmade art projects, and some of my favorites are the looper loom, spool knitter, lap loom, the drop spindle and our rug hooking kits.

Looper loom The little looper loom can be used for simple weaving of pot holders or hot pads; textile loops called “loopers” are used. Start by stringing loops in one direction, then string loops in the opposite direction, weaving alternately over and under the warp loops. Your last step is looping them together on the ends. The pot holders make great gifts for grandma or any other cooking lover.

Spool knitter You’ll make a tubular rope, called “horse reins,” which in turn can be used to make belts, mats and the like. This is a great craft for that fashion diva in your home.

Lap loom This must-have can be used to make such diverse offerings as a scarf, baby sweater, toboggan hat and more. Four-ply yarn is recommended, but thicker or thinner yarn may be used.  A metal hook is provided, but a crochet hook can also be used. Make a nice handmade baby shower gift with your lap loom.

Drop spindle kit Spin your own yarn, simply and without the cost of a spinning wheel. Spinning is the age-old art of plying individual strands of wool, cotton or flax together by twisting the fibers. Originally, rubbing the tufts of fiber between one’s hands made yarn. The drop spindle was another step in the evolution of the art of spinning.

Rug hooking kit The kit includes a rug hook and how-to direction pattern on a hand-cut wool colored diagram. The kit makes a wonderful deer log cabin mat.

You can find all these items and many other great toys at our MountainMade Country Store or our Web site. Order those crafts and have some fun, and make something useful in the process.

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