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Donna Lohr, our January Featured Artist

posted: 26 month ago by Heidi Haldeen  |  3 Comments ;

MountainMade celebrates the New Year with the work of Kingwood, West Virginia, artist Donna Lohr. She creates Whimsical Woolies: Contemporary Felt Folk Art. She may describe her process as felt applique, but it goes deeper. Her art is absolutely “whimsical” and FUN. She reminds us through her fuzzy and furry creations to live in the moment and not take ourselves too seriously. Bold in color and texture, her art both framed and wearables are certain to elicit a moment of sheer joy! It is impossible not to smile.

We feel fortunate to have Donna’s work on display. A newly retired Kindergarten teacher she and her husband have embarked on a creative venture of their own. They are building their home. Follow her journey and comment at www.donna-homebuildingcountdown.blogspot.com. You will catch a glimpse of her spirit here. Donna has and continues to inspire students of all ages with her Whimsical Woolies how she lives her life.



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There are 3 comments (+ Add yours)

  1. Donna Lohr wrote:

    Thanks, Heidi! I am thrilled to be part of the MountainMade family!

  2. laura metz wrote:

    imagine someone like this teaching your child. this lady is truly a gift. she has shared her talent and positive attitude with our children (and us) for years. glad to see her be recognized.

  3. Heidi Haldeen wrote:

    The privilege is our Donna! We are fortunate to keep such good company…

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