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Beth Crowder’s at MountainMade

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It’s August and you know what that means… Beth Crowder is exhibiting in the MountainMade Gallery in Thomas. Known and recognized for the rich colors and textures of her landscapes as well as the expressive detail of her sheep, calves and other critters, Beth’s work is beloved by many. She begins each piece with what she describes as ‘garish colors’ of acrylic and then she sets to the fine detail using pastels. The depth of the skyline, the bend in the road and the tree blowing near-by… you feel as if you are on a delightful journey. Her use of color speaks well to her personality: a bright and sometimes bawdy ray of light. She travels much of the country doing shows. We have customers, who moved to Missouri, who stop in when visiting family who met her at a fair in St. Louis!

Aware of her appeal and mindful of the investment she is offering something new: matted prints (for just $35) in addition to her framed originals. There is no better reason, aside from cooler weather to come to Thomas in August. And come September, well the exhibit changes, but not to worry. Beth usually allows us a few pieces to tide us over, til next year.


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