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Amanda Beckman’s unique perspecitve

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Berkley Springs, West Virginia photographer Amanda Beckman is the featured artist in the MountainMade Gallery in Thomas through October 2010.

Her perspective is unique. Amanda captures a place (i.e.Long Road Home) or scenes (i.e. Greg’s Lantern or Pumpkin) that are poignant to her. She shoots digitally with her Canon and goes to work developing each image with Photoshop. Beckman plays with color… many images (i.e. Farmall 100 or Valley Forge 2) are poignant black and whites that may offer a burst of color (i.e. Academy Lane or Buttercup)

Her husband Rhett builds beautiful frames: fine finished oak and reclaimed barn wood that compliments her work and gives it a genuine warmth that speaks of them both.

A few of Amanda's incredible photographs.

A few of Amanda's incredible photographs.

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