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Red Gifts for Valentine's Day

Red Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day brings out the reds—red hearts, red roses, red candy—the list goes on and on.

For your “red-day” gift giving, MountainMade has selected a few red items.

These whimsical red felt lip sculptures by Loretta Nolan will bring a smile to many folks. Give someone a kiss today.

If the heart pines for jewelry, these ruby earrings might hit the spot. Wrapped in 14kt gold, Elyssa Marsland’s rubies might spark a fire in the heart.

If you don’t fancy ruby earrings, perhaps the Blenko ruby water bottle might interest you. The Blenko glass tradition continues to brighten homes.

For someone who likes handmade pottery, Scottie Weist’s red leaf bowl would be a wonderful gift.

Maybe we have given you some ideas for your Valentine’s Day giving. Our website has many other sure-to-please red gifts.

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