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Works featured in the MountainMade gallery are creations of the foundation's juried artisans. MountainMade artisans are chosen by a panel of their peers. Artists, craftsmen and women, musicians and creators of all types are welcome to apply for the jury process, which is typically held three times each year (March, July and November).

The MountainMade jury considers only artisans who are residents of West Virginia. The jury panel requires at least 3 completed works as part of the application process, and images of additional works can also be included. The jury panel evaluates the artists' creative process, unique techniques or traditions, and experience, as well.

The jury application evaluation usually takes between 10 and 14 days. Artisans are notified of the outcome by mail. All artist works included in the application process are returned within 10 days, whether or not the application is accepted; food items and body care products, however, will not be returned.

For more information on the MountainMade artisan jury process, call toll free 1-877-686-6233 (option 0) to speak with a MountainMade representative